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Live your best life, celebrate accomplishments, and let intentions drive your goals in this stylish, undated planner. From the bestselling author of the 52 Lists journals comes a fresh new edition of the 52 Lists Planner, with a new cover, new divider photos and quotes, new illustrations, and new stickers!

* Perfect for professionals, students, parents, teachers, artists, and anyone looking to plan and live mindfully
* Month-at-a-glance pages for big-picture planning
* Weekly agenda pages for nailing the details
* Thoughtful journaling prompts for reflection and personal growth
* Weekly Mood Tracker
* Custom-designed sticker sheet (because who doesn’t love stickers?)
* Quotes from inspiring women
* Folder with two pockets for storing receipts, notes and mementos
* Concealed spiral binding for ease and convenience
* Metallic foil embellishments
* Metallic elastic band closure
* Mood-setting photography features vibrant, saturated colors, awe-inspiring scenery, lush florals and botanicals, rich textiles, and more
* Dedicated space for planning The Week Ahead and Reflecting Back
* Project brainstorming pages to get your creative juices flowing
* 7 percent of proceeds go to charities that support women and children


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