Posted on 01 August 2013

1. Odd Daughter Paper Co. Pattern Card No. 2
2. Lark Press Heart in New York Card
3. Mineralogy Lavender Lepidolite, Peruvian Pyrite, and Brazilian Kyanite Necklace
4. Shadow House Double Braided Layer Bracelet
5. Shadow House Arc Midi Band

This week I couldn't get enough of the range of things the Moorea Seal store offers. The graphic designer in me loved the stationary sets and the fashionista in me was obsessed with this statement necklace and small simple pieces that are so effortless but add so much to any outfit. 

The amazing thing about these items are that they all support an important cause that will better the world while you do it in style. 

1. This  Pattern Card No. 2 from Odd Daughter Paper Co. is the perfect way to say thank you through the mail while supporting women causes through the Athena Network foundation.

2. This heart in new york card is strictly based off of my love for stationary and New York. I left my heart in New York and this card is perfect for the moments where I want to stay in contact with the amazing people I met there. This is the perfect way to personalize a quick handwritten message while protecting our planet. 

3. I can't even begin to describe my love for this stone necklace. You can wear this lavender lepidolite, peruvian pyrite, and brazilian kyanite necklace with everything from a gorgeous party gown to an oversized white t-shirt and ripped jean shorts. Every girl should have a versatile summer piece like this in their closet. OH! and did I mention this piece helps support the caring for animals that need to be adopted? You can't lose.

4. Pieces like this golden double braided layer bracelet are the type of jewelry that you never take off once you have it. Items like this add that extra umph to any and every outfit. They key to any great outfit whether extravagant or simple are the details which make the outfit and person that much more interesting. And even better, this piece supports Children's Needs. 

5. I love this arc midi band because not only does it support children's needs, but it's so delicate and basic, yet has an extra detail (the arc) that adds interest. This is another key jewelry piece that can be worn daily with ease and beauty. 

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