Posted on 01 August 2013

Hello there! My name is Elanor and I am one of the bloggers here at the Moorea Seal shop blog. :) It's an absolute pleasure to be working with the Moorea Seal team and to be a part of this great new site! I am a personal style & lifestyle blogger myself over at the blog, Missing Lovebirds so I have plenty of knowledge and experience in the blogging world.

I actually met Moorea because she attended the same college that I'm currently attending (Seattle Pacific University) & the rest is history! I'm incredibly excited to be working with all the people putting their energy into this new project and I hope you love the shop and this blog as much as I do!


What do you do at I am one of the bloggers here at Moorea Seal (obviously!) I do a variety of posts, as you may have noticed. I'm a fashion/lifestyle blogger myself, so that overlaps onto my work here at Moorea Seal as well.
What is your current favorite product in the store? I love love love the Poppy Study Vol. 1 poster by VOL25.
Where do you live? Seattle: Queen Anne // San Francisco bay area.
What is your favorite thing about Seattle? The surrounding mountains and ocean; the coffee; the people.
What is your favorite animal? Cats forever and always.
What is your sign? Virgo!
Where do you want to travel & why? I would love to go to France or India and simply experience the culture and the people.

Thanks for reading about me! And please, come visit me at Missing Lovebirds!

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