Posted on 06 August 2013

Shadow House Aztec Tower Cuff
Soft Gold Studio Armor Amour Earrings
Moorea Seal Gold Arrowhead Necklace
Marketa Oversized Metallic Fold Clutch
Odd Daughter Paper Co. Hey You Card
Oh So Antsy Tiny California State Necklace

One of my favorite trends on the Moorea Seal site are the array of rustic gold's I've been seeing. As someone who wears gold only every-single-day I was thrilled to see these pieces to add to my collection. 

Rustic gold is the perfect shade of gold because it doesn't look too costume-like, but still adds the flair that everyone appreciates gold for.

All of these pieces are the perfect amount of rustic gold from the Oversized Metallic Fold Clutch to a hint of gold in the Hey You Card

What are your favorites?

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