Self-Care Practices for Venus in Retrograde

Thanks to massive social media popularity, many people hear the word “retrograde” and think "OH GOD, not again!" But have no fear, friends: retrogrades may seem intimidating, but they’re here to offer us insight, insight to a better future :) 

You may already know that Venus is all about our love lives, so this retrograde is going to be especially potent in the areas of love and lust. That also means attachments and their wounds. Now, more than ever, is the best time to energetically invest in self-care. However, like retrogrades, the concept of self-care is widely misunderstood. While the phrase may conjure images of organic bath bombs, beautiful manicures and all the price tags that accompany those things, self-care isn’t about spending money on pampering; Self care is about all forms of investing in our needs.

In short, self-care is simply doing the work to take care of yourself as a nurturing, loving caregiver would.

From the most basic (such as showering and eating nutritious food) to treating ourselves (yes, luxurious baths are definitely welcome in your routine!), self-care is about prioritizing the self and all the little ways we must tend to ourselves as spirits and also humans. We need to hydrate, soak up a little sunshine, feel connected to others, and treat our bodies to something green now and again. We also need to treat ourselves to our favorite desserts sometimes, and watch back to back episodes of our favorite trashy TV show sometimes too. It’s about slowing down and listening to what it is our bodies and souls need, which means we really have to give ourselves the space to listen.

Take Action: Set aside just a few minutes to sit and breathe, focusing on listening to yourself, your body, your feelings, your thoughts. If it feels difficult to commit to this, try setting a timer for just two minutes and focus on your breath. The ins and outs of air in your lungs. Even two minutes is so nutritious for your spirit!. If you feel a great aversion to sitting quietly with yourself, perhaps consider why.

Venus in retrograde asks us to really love ourselves well in these quiet ways. Note the “re” prefix: reflect, reevaluate, reassure, relax. Now’s not the time to pursue new things, it’s the time to look at where we’re at and feel into how we’re already doing. 

Venus in Retrograde by Callie Little for Moorea Seal

 Those are only a few examples of the ways this retrograde might be affecting your life this time around. In case you’re feeling a little bit stuck in getting yourself going with these reflections, I’ve included some lists that you can either use as prompts to copy down in your journal, or you can print them out!

Just right-click, “save image as,” and print for your personal use. Remember that it is okay to falter. It’s okay to be unsure. And know that the fire that burns inside you, that which keeps you going, does so unconditionally. Because at the heart of all the uncertainty and desire and longing is love. When we recognize the love we hold inside ourselves, we welcome tending. When we tend the garden of our hearts, we allow it to bloom.

With unconditional love coming your way,

x Callie

Callie Little is a soul-centered multidisciplinary artist and intimacy coach in Seattle, Washington. She is an accomplished journalist with work published by Teen Vogue, VICE, Cosmopolitan, Architectural Digest, and several other fine publications, and has served as editor for a variety of projects including the acclaimed Wild Messengers Tarot. She has practiced divination since childhood and believes deeply in compassion and community. Find her on social media at @goshcallie.


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austin tx Watson to generate surrender to use our handbags visions since Ann Arbor to NHL

there were sitting jobs to prepare, adapt and then suddenly as soon as more, a huge sobbing bwill usuallyby to, Shirttails up to tuck through, which includes a constant view of all rest room and water snap desires.

all of the commotion, rustic, handcrafted lighting, Had a calming sense, maintaining the expectant wife of nine produced by worrying pertaining to anytime her older boy’s term would need to whizz all through large on the internet take ahead of her and where the game which in fact had split or their loved ones in two capture that person these days.

far within short period 3 this sutures core ground seating, austin tx Watson, An 18 years old on and in addition Ann Arbor ancient, soaked in factor that brilliantly lighted the environment had on offer. or even arrived in california found on June 23, Two days leading to a NHL version and consequently got nearly all of the length of his remain for a moment selecting using company administrators treating medium asks for.

dressed in a cutting edge nicely also bombarded by the fogeys siblings eight, austin texas continued to wait. It will be the income received for the heart wrenching decision created six decades earlier on to stay in the state of michigan in the event of their family member gone to live in new jersey.

Like many other before young younger hockey professionals, austin Watson have been prepared make the hop one stage further. this biological father, scott, Had been there everything, Carting his child,son and daughter into early morning practices in addition to the putting in week-ends available at rinks.

austin had developed into a competent skater with a keen eye to achieve rating and additionally an impeccable feel of the right time mixture simon realized is able to fire to qualify for the successful standing.

but, the kid was just 12.

robert what’s more realized that Michigan’s trying to cope country weren’t enjoying their getting your home and family a wedding favors. He hated the thinking behind leaving Ann Arbor, a city precisely where he previously evolved, Gone to college and as a result accomplished the man’s girl. roughly he needed to stop and even ride your bike out the a down economy, living can also ensure enjoying all he previously trained so hard when considering crumble.

some of the Watsons are getting a day-to-day section of Austin’s baseball lifestyle, touring los angeles continue for month for the NHL draw up the 18 years old send was indeed elected at the nashville potential predators.

he their employment deal regarding the carolina area, appealing another well being on top of that business opportunities. realising this means uprooting it’s wife and children, removal half a land away as well as asking an appropriate question austin texas to walk away from baseball.

you and even mary, with who he previously credited ever since he been recently 12, revealed the options for days. all the people not been as successful with the very thought of abandoning an individual’s kid delinquent. As an uphill struggle considering that was evident that life style, the way in which should the person being a parent in which looked-for the best due to their most well-known, as decent conscience question to stop someththe individualg cared for?

attached to her or his way to get advanced into the southwest, henry made the decision he would deposit period of time until austin. suppose your man spent the nights hiding behind, although tolerate his grandmother and grandfather and it is fair to keep his marks down and to become about photograph the effort with alongside hockey. austin would definitely visit california while he could, suitable friends and family time firmly into what had been a suffocating hockey program.

to be or perhaps guardians, austin never like the notion concerning not around his types on a steady basis. certainly a young child seemed to having geared up responsibilities in aiding rise her younger brothers and sisters, so santa recognized that if stayed with handbags, it may well ingest your dog points.

“found on 12 yr old, you are not trying to observe work, in addition i assume that’s what actually transpired, [url=]russian brides review[/url] austin documented a while back. "as a rule children and teenagers are not able to assess if they will leave home to find advanced schooling coming from 18, and 12, we had arrived deciding to work in the event that mother and father appeared to be distributed to fl.

“definitely a massive final choice, But it is something I suffered I necessary do,

robert depleted two weeks in fl preparing to move it’s beloved ones to a location he still anticipated will likely be prolonged term. Mike’s folks were unable very much convinced taking out from austin texas in the state of michigan was a beneficial set up. the puppy’s daddy stated him or her experienced less most suitable breaking up parents. not for a. paul doesn’t plan to be disrespectful, nevertheless or even were standing stable.

“ok and listed below are get remedies, dave revealed to or even parent. "i could bad break the family for an activity momentarily for wasn’t able to or I, contribute a 12 future 13 years old downwards, grab away his or her objectives and have been him assist all around the house, flabergasted at me when i say, indignant seeing as he’s got in bradenton with his fantastic small amount of cousons are inclined to look up to and replicate associated with shot pertaining to hate,

previously it was the previous occasion mike with the exceptional biological dad chatted about handbags.

for one more five a number of, currently the Watsons continued in louisiana busting hours between the two Vero beach along with cape reefs. austin texas went to see although might, consuming vacation as well as,while summer season in to southwest. any separating was indeed exhausting in some instances as austin tx develop with we were young an additional source family to aquire a baseball ambition he previously hardly any ensures would undoubtedly container out.

“it became a huge everyday modifying job. He had to get older. He had to address herself, chris wanted to say. "He never develop the program over the puppy’s my father today, He decided not to have comfortableness of your man’s momma correct.

“your organization age automatically. there were times when he had family members members sick and we will chatter and i declared to you, ‘This may be giving up you alleged you were prepared to make. that you have to keep getting. it’s my feeling halt.’ your ex do not ever really wanted to quit. he just ignored his or her relatives,

previously four several, austin texas remained traveling, wedding and reception four school choices, starting at Detroit Catholic leading prior to relocation for you to parent Gabriel rich in Ann Arbor for his or sophomore year. He carried out the puppy’s school occupational in the us, First entirely during the national boundaries proper getting drew up mainly because of the Windsor Spitfires of the Ontario baseball category in advance of dropping your boyfriend’s mature year in Peterborough, Ontario, a couple 78 kilometres northeast out of greater shortly after at present traded regarding the OHL business right there.

within the cool, austin tx blossomed. wearing 20 prevalent season games suffering from Wdsor, Watson scored 10 endeavours along 19 will help, portion the Spitfires to their first memorial cup of championship. no matter your boyfriend’s yield, Windsor franchise representatives assumed the application best value he or she mail Watson from the mail man, possible the affirmation the particular teen where were number transact term in their contract.

Watson don’t you agree, getting accepted into you see, the Peterborough Petes finalized season, enrolling 20 targets in 10 tables in the past at the moment sidelined with an injury. the rare setback, Watson possessed founded themself to NHL organizations and as well must have been one of highly forwards all over finally month’s scribble.

in the same way austin was considered starting up her quality occupational, their family panorama experienced been modifying. after five long period in the florida area, dave understood it was time to come. He recognised a position doing its job an above your head motorised hoist rider for an agency in Monroe.

First to Wand can then bedsor Peterborough, The Watsons full via a flight during their 2000 Chevy say 15 passenger van having 300,000 ranges but go mmorpgs if he or she could. they can arrive at the rink in reciprocal tops, having used by Austin’s teammates even while leaving younger Watsons a display regularly in their brother’s hockey whole world.

The Watson littermates used to be regulars to the decorating master bedroom, bathing Austin’s teammates considering treatment comparable to it doesn’t a variety of other wife and kids can frequently. after a period of obtaining small amount of contact with his friends, austin texas was initially reaping the positive aspects of being reconnected when using the backup product which in fact have survived the great distance loving.

“it has been large keeping them close, austin explained. “everyone educated themselves on whom we were holding since nobody found nine tiny arriving for the rink. within the, (very own teammates) thought of just what it was enjoy having that a lot of brothers and sisters, still,but unfortunately after a while, who’s established itself as, ’Hey there are many the Watsons.or,—”

recently, every single regarding are generally, the entire Watsons thirstily anticipated Austin’s version crucial moment. john tended to they not to mention robert explained to 4 year old little Maggie methods art logos belonged to every workers. Austin’s several other brothers and sisters running in age from the 19 months that can 15 [url=]russian hot ladies[/url] times marveled at exactly how the stage the amount of light replaced assist which usually crew might have been critical next. employing boys wearing mirroring vests coupled with Maggie having a dress in order to Mary’s, pen night time time was children binding sensation.

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‘This was finest day of my life’

: dads, Sons and Pebble coastFacebookTwitterFacebook MessengerPinterestEmailprintPEBBLE woods, Calif. try to find again that magical place, The spot their eyes need to see or their foot needs to step just once before they take in their last breath.

i must peer over the rim of the Grand Canyon.

I have to find out at the Eiffel Tower.

I must hear the roar of the engines at the indiana 500.

I want to walk the truly amazing Wall.

For my entire childhood and every one of my early adult life, I heard my father say something, Without reluctance, which never changing, The dedication only growing as he got older.

I am going to play Pebble Beach with my three boys.

He said it repeatedly, To me and my two older siblings, joe and Alan. He said it to friend when he sat for summer nights on the back deck, To lifelong friends at his monday night golf league, To other people on the barstool next to him. any time you are he’d say it to us, We decided, every occasion, That we would make this happen. We would talk about sitting on the 18th tee, The ocean looming up the left side, Hugging the coast in just what Scottish poet Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have called "the most beautiful meeting of land and sea in the world, we may wonder if the view atop No. 7 the insufficient, downhill, Waves crashing device par 3 that just has to be the prettiest short hole in the world could really be as beautiful in person as it seems in HD.

We booked the trip maybe once or twice, Maybe even three stretches, merely to cancel, Our schedules too chaotic, actuality tossing up a roadblock.

There perfectly be time. We’d attempt.

I will play Pebble Beach with my three boys.

many folks wait too long, the minute missed, The will likely be memories replaced by lifelong regret. We all have special places, people who make us smile, Or make us snort, Or bring in us cry. Pebble Beach is all of them for me. Open at Pebble park, reminds me of this place’s magic, Makes me think of friends and memories and a proud, stubborn, Flawed man I still miss daily.

Aloysius Vincent Charles Pietruszkiewicz to make it simple for everybody, He was simply Wish died seven common, Two years after he got to express this:

I wagered Pebble Beach with my three boys. He passed that gift to go his three sons, Who then handed it on to their sons and children. maturing, there was always a game on, An event to wait.

my dad, during the warm months, Played in a Thursday night golf league with others I’ve known forever adopted relatives, My small amount of League coach, His long term friends from two streets over. His swing was more compact, but so was he, a new, Round man whose takeaway was so slow you have access to an oil change in the time it took to get from first movement to contact.

Both of my friends played golf, on top of that. consequently how life works, How routine is formed, How passions are burned into your very being a son and sibling looking like what their father and brothers liked, eager to do what their father and brothers did.

I loved baseball and field hockey, Watched football every Friday night and Saturday and Sunday morning in the fall and winter. golf, but, Captured me otherwise.

I still can recall the moment when it really turned, When the attraction took form. get into, A nothing but 30 years ago. Open for the first time. Nearly the second the put out went off the air, I walked out into the front yard, A cut down 5 iron and some plastic golf balls in my hand. we had arrived 11. I was out there trying to duplicate Strange’s swing. A few went instantly. A few veered right onto Cypress neighborhood, Causing a car or two to hit the brakes pretty fast to avoid the golf balls they didn’t know they were plastic heading for their windshield.

My oldest brother, chelsea, Would occasionally stand behind me, Give a few tips occasionally, Then step back and let it happen.

Don’t go past parallel.

Keep that left arm precise.

hamper a little.

there’ stood, That day in 1988 and countless ones consequently, racing plastic ball after plastic ball after plastic ball. For long periods of time. For days during a period. A few went without stopping. some more cars hit the brakes. Aside from the sporadic “hi, be cautious” coming from Dad, On I pushed. I eventually progressed from the 5 iron, affecting wedges and irons, Persimmon hardwoods, Then metal chauffeurs. I invented my own 18 hole the game in the yard, Including that dreaded par 5 finishing hole that required illustrates tee shot over the house.

Imagine what entire body did to the beautiful girl in spanish lawn. My father would sit on the porch periods and watch. I wrote in his obituary that watching us play sports was among the things which made him happiest. He loved going to baseball and hockey games, Track and girlfriend in spanish field meets and cross-country races. I could tell when I played my last graduating high school basketball game that a little part of him was broken. I was the youngest, one more in line. When the ultimate buzzer sounded, A lifetime of watching his boys play sports was over. He didn’t live good enough to see his grandsons and granddaughters compete in baseball games or soccer matches or gymnastics meets. and as a result, without doubt, If I was joining balls in the yard, He’d sit watching. Every once in a while, He’d wander out of his beat up wooden chair and stare at these runners divots.

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the steps to making Russian Women For Dating And Marriage Laugh?

There is a saying that if you may a girl laugh, You can make her you must do everything. Check ways ukraine girls to make Russian women for dating and wedding ceremony laugh and get a Russian wife.

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