Self-Care Practices for Venus in Retrograde

Thanks to massive social media popularity, many people hear the word “retrograde” and think "OH GOD, not again!" But have no fear, friends: retrogrades may seem intimidating, but they’re here to offer us insight, insight to a better future :) 

You may already know that Venus is all about our love lives, so this retrograde is going to be especially potent in the areas of love and lust. That also means attachments and their wounds. Now, more than ever, is the best time to energetically invest in self-care. However, like retrogrades, the concept of self-care is widely misunderstood. While the phrase may conjure images of organic bath bombs, beautiful manicures and all the price tags that accompany those things, self-care isn’t about spending money on pampering; Self care is about all forms of investing in our needs.

In short, self-care is simply doing the work to take care of yourself as a nurturing, loving caregiver would.

From the most basic (such as showering and eating nutritious food) to treating ourselves (yes, luxurious baths are definitely welcome in your routine!), self-care is about prioritizing the self and all the little ways we must tend to ourselves as spirits and also humans. We need to hydrate, soak up a little sunshine, feel connected to others, and treat our bodies to something green now and again. We also need to treat ourselves to our favorite desserts sometimes, and watch back to back episodes of our favorite trashy TV show sometimes too. It’s about slowing down and listening to what it is our bodies and souls need, which means we really have to give ourselves the space to listen.

Take Action: Set aside just a few minutes to sit and breathe, focusing on listening to yourself, your body, your feelings, your thoughts. If it feels difficult to commit to this, try setting a timer for just two minutes and focus on your breath. The ins and outs of air in your lungs. Even two minutes is so nutritious for your spirit!. If you feel a great aversion to sitting quietly with yourself, perhaps consider why.

Venus in retrograde asks us to really love ourselves well in these quiet ways. Note the “re” prefix: reflect, reevaluate, reassure, relax. Now’s not the time to pursue new things, it’s the time to look at where we’re at and feel into how we’re already doing. 

Venus in Retrograde by Callie Little for Moorea Seal

 Those are only a few examples of the ways this retrograde might be affecting your life this time around. In case you’re feeling a little bit stuck in getting yourself going with these reflections, I’ve included some lists that you can either use as prompts to copy down in your journal, or you can print them out!

Just right-click, “save image as,” and print for your personal use. Remember that it is okay to falter. It’s okay to be unsure. And know that the fire that burns inside you, that which keeps you going, does so unconditionally. Because at the heart of all the uncertainty and desire and longing is love. When we recognize the love we hold inside ourselves, we welcome tending. When we tend the garden of our hearts, we allow it to bloom.

With unconditional love coming your way,

x Callie

Callie Little is a soul-centered multidisciplinary artist and intimacy coach in Seattle, Washington. She is an accomplished journalist with work published by Teen Vogue, VICE, Cosmopolitan, Architectural Digest, and several other fine publications, and has served as editor for a variety of projects including the acclaimed Wild Messengers Tarot. She has practiced divination since childhood and believes deeply in compassion and community. Find her on social media at @goshcallie.


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