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52 Lists for Calm


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Our founder, Moorea Seal, has written another book! Through her own experiences with stress, anxiety, and C-PTSD, she has created a journal meant to bring calm to anyone suffering from stress on any level.

For fans of the bestselling 52 Lists series and anyone looking to bring more peace and calm into their lives (and who isn't, in our current age of anxiety?), this journal includes lists and tips specially designed to soothe the stressed-out soul.

Develop peace of mind and serenity through the calming practice of list-making. Create 52 lists, one for each week of the year, in this lovely undated hardback journal, and along the way, develop a personalized tool kit at the back of the book as a quick reference with strategies to turn to for relief. Includes 52 listing prompts divided into 4 sections: Be Present, Look Back, Move Forward, and Release, plus tips and strategies for mindfulness and relaxation, thought-provoking quotes, short inspiring essays, soothing photography and illustrations, metallic-foil accents, and a ribbon. Those suffering from anxiety, tension, and burnout will find the journal particularly helpful, although anyone can benefit.

Join in the community on Instagram by using the hashtag #52Lists or #52ListsforCalm as you work your way through the book, writing out your lists however you like! Whether you doodle your way to a calmer being, write perfect lines of one-word notes, or sentences that illustrate how you feel and where you dream of being, this book is yours to make your own. Follow the hashtag #52Lists on Instagram to explore other people's creative list-making in the entire 52 Lists series. From how people style the journal in their home, taking it along on adventures, to the unique insights they gather from participating in the series, we can all learn something from one another and grow. We can't wait to see how you make this book your own!

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