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Pentacles Candle


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Get down to earth with this hand poured Pentacles Tarot Candle. Representing the physical / tangible world, the Pentacles suit is perfectly personified with the scent of Pine + Oak Moss. Connect with the direction North as you fill your space with deep earthy notes that take your senses on a journey to the forest.

Details: Soy wax. 8oz. Wood wick. 40 hour burn time. When lighting for the first time, candle will need to be relit a few times before it burns steadily.

Queen of Cups is a Portland based brand providing quality hand crafted home decor and powerful spell kits for modern witches and mortals alike. Their products are focused on the energy of crystals, tarot, and the magick of the moon. Queen of Cups is a one of a kind brand in which individuals can connect to their inner power/magick. Made in Portland, OR.

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