Malicious Women Candle Co.

Please Accept this Candle as a Token of My Poverty Candle


Candles make perfect gifts. They make even more perfect gifts when you're lacking in funds.

Details: 9 oz. Soy wax. 40 - 50 hour burn time. Citrus + sage (shower fresh) scent.

In addition to supporting women's causes through our Do Good, Do Great program, Malicious Women Candle Co. donates a percentage of proceeds to Seattle's Dress for Success program.

Malicious Women Candle Co. rejects all expectations of what a woman or a candle should be and they use the F-word not because they are crude, but because they can. Malicious Women Candle Co. makes snarky-chic candles infused with sass by hand in Lake Stevens, WA and believes in surrounding themselves with kick-ass, motivated, empowering women. Made in Lake Stevens, WA.

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