Malicious Women Candle Co.

Crazy Cat Lady Candle


Whiskers is going to knock this one off the counter, while staring at you square in the eyes. Daring you to put it back. We had to pair this with our incredible Pear & Ivy because you two are quite a pair! See what I did there?

Scent Pear & Ivy: The only thing fresher than this scent is the mouth of a 16-year old girl. Juicy and succulent, this is the perfect aroma for a kitchen or guest bedroom (if you like the guest).

Details: 9 oz. Soy wax. 40 - 50 hour burn time.

In addition to supporting women's causes through our Do Good, Do Great program, Malicious Women Candle Co. donates a percentage of proceeds to Seattle's Dress for Success program.

Malicious Women Candle Co. rejects all expectations of what a woman or a candle should be and they use the F-word not because they are crude, but because they can. Malicious Women Candle Co. makes snarky-chic candles infused with sass by hand in Lake Stevens, WA and believes in surrounding themselves with kick-ass, motivated, empowering women. Made in Lake Stevens, WA.

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