Free Period Press

The Look Back Plan Ahead Workbook


The Free Period Press team made a zine full of their favorite end-of-year questions to ask themselves/ourselves/yourself. Whether you're looking to reflect at the end of the year, on your birthday, or a random Tuesday, these questions will help you step back, take stock of how the past year has been, and envision the amazing year ahead.

Makes a great companion to The 52 Lists Project and 52 Lists for Happiness!

Dimensions: Measures 5.5" x8.5"

Details: 44 pages.

Free Period Press creates products to help you unplug, relax, and get your creative juices flowing. In 2013, they started publishing coloring books as a super-easy way to disconnect from technology and create something. Since then they've partnered with a bunch of amazing artists to create a series of coloring books. Made in Cleveland, OH

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