Ode Dress


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A classic and simple wrap dress made from homespun, handwoven cotton. This cotton weight is light and airy.


XS measures 18" across and 44.5" in length.
S measures 19"across and 45.5" in length.
M measures 20" across and 46.5" in length.
L measures 21" across and 47.5" in length.

Po-em is the design studio of artist Carla Venticinque-Osborn. The studio focuses on making handmade textiles, wares and art objects. Collections take inspiration from stories, poems, the hand's work, the animal gaze, storytelling through pattern, utility, folk, and merging old things with new things. Textiles are heirloom handwoven in partnership with established fair trade artisan cooperatives in India and Guatemala and use natural dyes for color. Designed in Brooklyn, NY.

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