With Lavender + Lace

Rose Water iPhone 6/6s Case

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To say that we are obsessed with these gorgeous phone cases would be an understatement! We love the unexpected combo of real, dried flowers mixed with modern technology. The metallic case allows the beauty of the flowers to really stand out against your phone.

This arrangement includes roses and daisies for bashful and innocent beauty and roses for love.

Details: This is for the iPhone 6/6s.

Each With Lavender + Lace design is handmade using a hard, metallic case. The dried flowers are hand-placed and covered with a resin overlay to hold them in place. Due to the nature of the materials used, bubbles and other variations are an unavoidable element of the handmade process. Flowers will retain their color and shape the longest when kept out of the direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Designer Kelsie McNair describes herself as a "twenty something blondie who is crazy about treats and laying in warm sunny grass." With a background in photography and running her own shop, Kelsie launched her line of handmade phone cases featuring real flowers. Made in Norfolk, VA.


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