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Legacy Scarf


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"I love to wander antique malls, looking for little treasures to add to my various collections. Sometimes things align visually in these booths in a way that they never would in domestic life, and I am struck by their coexistence. On the day this photograph was taken, I was overwhelmed by the graphic beauty of the patterns created by the picture frames against the pegboard and could not resist snapping a shot. I like to imagine that it is not an antique mall booth, that someone has decorated a kitchen wall with such an elegant assault on the eyes." - Jennifer Bastian

This scarf is a limited run of 10 exclusively for

Dimensions: Measures 27 inches in length and 38 inches in width.

Details: Each scarf is digitally printed with colorfast inks on 100% silk. They are durable, but do not forget that silk is fragile! We recommend you hand wash in cold water for best results. You can iron on the lowest setting to remove creases.

Deserts + Lakes was started in 2013 by photographer Jennifer Bastian. Each scarf features a photo chosen from Jennifer's collection of work taken on 35mm film. Jennifer considers herself an emotional archivist, and scarves show off moments or places captured with her camera. Made in Milwaukee, WI.

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