Green Gold Tea Jar


Teaspressa's inaugural green tea, chosen for a balanced personality that seamlessly indicates modesty and minimalism in effortless style. When brewed, this specially crafted loose leaf green tea blend blushes a delicate green with a surprising amount of natural body. Green Gold exhibits a smooth, earthy character. Pair it with subtle flavors such as seafood, salads, and chicken!

+ Don't forget some Luxe Sugar Cubes! 

Ingredients: Proprietary organic green tea blend.

Details: 3.84oz. Makes 8-12 servings.

Teaspressa tea is all natural, organic tea. The main difference here is that Teaspressa has created a way where we can now literally make tea like coffee. This new approach is nothing like the traditional method of brewing - we have established an exciting new tea profile for you to enjoy! Made in Phoenix, AZ.


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