The Fox and Stone

Jewel of Kings Ring


Emeralds... The Jewel of Kings. While it may be known as a stone for kings, this ring is delicate and perfectly feminine. Not only is this stone known for its connection to royalty as far back as Cleopatra, but it is thought by mystics to promote fertility and immortality.

Details: 24k gold plated Sterling silver. Due to natural variations, each piece is unique and the stone(s) may vary in shape, size, and shade. If you would like to see an image of the rings available in your size, email us at 

Jeana of The Fox and Stone has seen the blue waters of Bali, lived on the side of a dormant volcano in Honduras, sailed along the canals that spot the English countryside, slept in a cave in France and walked the rocky roads of Iceland. The pieces she creates each carry a little bit of her wandering soul and the cultures she has experienced. The raw beauty of this majestic earth has shaped not only her soul but her personal style. Made in Ephrata, WA.


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