Moorea Seal

Moorea Seal's design background began in Illustration & Graphic Design.  With a BA in Studio Art and an emphasis in Illustration, she hit the ground running pursuing her career as an entrepreneur, artist and designer as soon as she graduated college in 2009. She's never lacked gumption and drive and knows she is her very best when she is working hard.  With her rising large online following on Pinterest in 2012, Moorea gained many opportunities to collaborate with various major websites and brands, curating collections of beautiful goods.  Being that her childhood dream was to become a museum curator, in late 2012 Moorea recognized how best to connect all of her passions.  The idea for an online retail site was sparked by her passion for curating beautiful and well made products, creating and designing women's accessories, loving and wanting to support the handmade community, and wanting to give back to worthy causes through her work.   

2 of 22 OF 2
As siblings growing up, Dan and Mer Dundin did everything together — from road trips, to swim team, to skipping school. Time has proven that nothing's changed! Together they create miniature house sculptures that are both whimsical and modern all-at-once.
Their shop 2 of 2 was opened in honor of their late mother, Patty, who taught them that the wonder of childhood can stay with you in life if you let your imagination pave the way. It usually takes two drafts for the the siblings to fall in love with a design, hence the name "2 of 2."
2 of 2 purchases benefit the "Protecting our Planet" nonprofits and charities! 

B is an artist who is turned on by typography. As powerful as image can be, she sees typography first as image, so often her work is solely typographic based. The hands on process of letterpress printing is what hooked her in.  Before being introduced to letterpress, she studied graphic design, which has given her valuable tools for designing from type. However, the computer just didn't do it for her. She missed the physical connection to her work, so after being introduced to letterpress in college, she knew this was the perfect craft for her. In the shop, she is fully responsible and connected to all steps of the process, which gave her that physical connection to the end product that she craved.  
B. has chosen "Health + Wellness" as her nonprofit and charity category because she knows in order to do what you love good health is a necessity. She wishes good health for everyone and is happy B.IMPRESSED can help health-related causes.

Balue/Co. is a paper goods and jewelry design studio, run by designer Lauren Wallace in Seattle, Washington. Inspired by organic shapes and pattern, Balue's line of stationery features hand-painted designs using vibrant color and texture. Sustainability is a big part of Balue/Co.'s ethos—all printed work is produced using recycled paper stock and earth-friendly inks, and all packaging is recyclable, all the way down to the single-card sleeves (which are even compostable!). Having grown up with horses and pets throughout her life,
Lauren has a deep love and respect for animals and their welfare. As a longtime supporter of animal rights groups and recent convert to veganism, Lauren is proud to collaborate with the Moorea Seal shop to help protect our animal friends.

Laura Wentzel is the founder of Bears Eat Berries, an independent design and letterpress studio newly relocated to the Southwest. A graphic designer by trade, Laura’s work is typified by minimal design, animal illustrations, nature-inspired patterns, and folk motifs.
Her passion for real, touchable, and beautifully-designed paper products is seen through the antique method of letterpress printing. All letterpress products are created one at a time, one color at a time, using a half-ton, century-old printing press with a foot treadle that powers the press. Each piece undergoes a meticulous process using hand-mixed inks so the result is unique and handcrafted.
All Bears Eat Berries purchases go towards "Caring for Animals" charities.  Laura is passionate toward protection and care of animals, from wildlife to our own furry pet friends!

Sarah Holbrook of Candyspotting produces exquisite cut-paper cards with lovely paper, a bit of adhesive, and laser beams. With a passion for design, modern manufacturing techniques and swatch books Sarah Holbrook launched Candyspotting in 2009. Each item is designed and manufactured in her Portland workshop. Sarah's workshop machines are cleaned with water and scrap cutouts are re-used or recycled. All workshop power is offset with wind credits and shipping runs are bipedally powered.




Carolyn Suzuki is a native Angeleno who continues to live and work in LA. She is a designer and illustrator inspired by nature, our past, our present, and her son Akira's imaginative mind.




Ever since I was a young child I have always enjoyed creating many things but, what I love most is the process of weaving yarn, rope, or any fiber together to form a piece. Currently my work is focusing on knitting, macrame, loom weaving, and dabbling in a few other things. Each piece I make is handmade with care in my tiny home in San Diego. When I am not creating in my home I love to be outside and enjoy nature which, is also what inspires the work that I do. My hope is that my work will bring others joy when they put it in their home and that it will empower someone to make something too.  



Dear Hancock is a design studio based in the Los Angeles area. Co-created by and featuring the illustrations of a husband and wife team, Dear Hancock's stationery, custom invitations, greeting cards and prints are inspired by a mix of nostalgia, humor and everyday life. Created as a hand-illustrated homage to the art of formal correspondence, DH observes the propriety of expressing personal sentiments in a fun and unexpected way. Attention to detail and unique imagery are combined to create paintings that are re-imagined into various forms of correspondence. We believe that hand written correspondence is an important part of our culture, a sincere gesture and an art form that we would like to help preserve.


Debbie Carlos was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Manila, Philippines. She has since studied psychology at Clark University in Massachusetts and photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Debbie Carlos designs benefit environmental causes.  She considers the earth the tie that binds all of us; "We all need this earth and everything in it to nourish us and allow us to go on. A strong, and healthy world creates strong, and healthy people".
Her photos capture objects at the point of greatest clarity: In certain light, at a certain time of day, in a certain place. The method is to wander and notice. Moments of quiet strangeness, patterns of light and shadow, minute-by-minute surprises, changes that don’t happen, something askew, something exactly in place, natural and artificial phenomena, are all sources of inspiration and the subjects for her work.

Deserts and LakesDESERT + LAKES
Jennifer Bastian was born in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, between the cornfields and coyotes. She was raised to love nature and animals, people and their environments.  Most of her life has been spent watching the world around her, camera in hand, waiting for things to happen.
After spending the past three years as a photographer and archivist at a library, Jennifer decided to make a change to focus on her art.  She had a photograph printed on a silk scarf, and Deserts and Lakes was born – named for her two favorite places, the dusty deserts of the West and the humid breezes of the Great Lakes.  Now all she can think about is the prospect of wrapping herself and others in swaths of silk images.
Jennifer currently lives in Los Angeles with her cats and a view of some very small mountains.

Evidence Jewelry merges primitive design with that of modern day jewelers, telling a story of who we are and where we have been. Designer Katie McGinnis creates each piece in her studio in Colorado. She has a great respect for the past, emulating in her designs. McGinnis works in antique metal-smithing methods with a mixture of metals; because of this, no two pieces are ever exactly alike, creating a 'one-of-a-kind' feel. She believes that what a person wears is 'evidence' of who they are.
As a designer, Katie draws inspiration not only from past cultures but from her childhood as well. She believes that our childhood surroundings have the strongest influence in who we become, and what we will stand for in the future.  By purchasing a piece of "Evidence" you can make a difference in a child's life, in order to plant positive evidence throughout the nations.

Emily McDowell is an illustrator, designer, and truth-teller. She taught herself to draw bubble letters at the age of six. Now, Emily's shop specializes in hand-lettered & illustrated greeting cards, tea towels, temporary tattoos, prints, and calendars. Emily says "my work reflects our shared human experience, in all its different, messy forms, and is based around universal, relatable truths. I’m also inspired by letters, nature, folk art, geometry, cultural quirks, and the crazy urban landscape of Southern California."
When Emily isn't working, you can find her hanging out with her partner Seth and his 8-year old son, searching for the perfect taco, having tragically unprofitable business ideas, and overcoming the constant guilt she feels for not tweeting enough.


Elise Pelletier of Foreshadow Press works in education by day and as a designer by night. She attributes her love for designing stationery and other paper accessories to her desire to express daily observations of living in New York City for many years, and now drawing from the wilds of the Maine landscape.
Elise has been a screen-printer for almost eight years and loves the versatility and inventiveness the process creates. Her focus is on stationery, original screen prints, and — soon — fabric designs. She lives in Portland, Maine.
Elise grew up appreciating the wilds of Colorado, and continues to be a conscious advocate of nature. She hopes more people see this as a vital topic that shouldn't be ignored. The more that we are educated and taught to be change unsustainable behaviors, the more we can change our course.

half Light Honey StudiosHALF LIGHT HONEY STUDIOS
Samantha Carter is a ceramic artist living in the foothills of Western North Carolina. Her work is inspired by patterns, the natural world, and the intimacy of the hand-drawn line. She enjoys translating the beauty of nature into simple, functional works that reflect the craft of handmade. Her work explores different aesthetics while maintaining a continuity of palette and the importance of the hand in the work. Samantha enjoys days in the studio, photographing the landscape, and making her home comfortable and sustainable.
Samantha chose "Protecting our Planet" as her cause of choice because the Earth's resources are so crucial to our well-being and happiness and are limited, finite, and require humanity's actions to protect them. She is excited to give back in some small way to the very thing that allows her to mold clay, eat, drink, breathe, and live healthily.

Ian Gill is a full-time artist living in Seattle, Washington. His work ranges from jewelry to photography to large-scale sculpture. 
When Ian started making art, he was strictly a metalsmith working with copper and silver. He soon moved on to making wooden rings out of free scraps of guitar-body wood, and found enough success on Etsy that he makes at least one ring per day. Ian feels extremely happy with his progress so far. He believes forcing himself to create at least once every day has enlivened his creative spirit.
"Every pet deserves to find a forever home where they can love and be loved."


Animals help to define who we are as humans, help us gain perspective of our place the planet as a part of a greater whole, and appreciate the meaning of life. Without them we would not have evolved to the people are today.




Julia Kostreva is a designer and artist who likes to make things. Julia received her BFA in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art where she focused on printmaking, silkscreen, letterpress and illustration. In 2011, she made her way across the country and moved her studio to San Francisco, where she continues to develop her work with pattern & product design. Blending hand painting, patterns and photography, Julia creates products that are both simple and beautiful. Her designs are one part joy, one part exploration, one part craft. She draws stories from textures found in nature, vintage patterns, and color combinations from world travels.



The Karu collection is a thoughtful anthology of accessories handpicked by Moorea Seal. From sunglasses to hats, scarves and other lifestyle accessories, each piece speaks to Moorea Seal’s dedication to accessible style and quality. With everything from the trending to the classic, Karu allows for a wide array of style options no matter what the occasion.  



Lark Press


Lark Press is brought to you by Jean Sammis, a graphic designer and letterpress printer. Made in Portland, Oregon.
"Helping to protect and care for the environment benefits every living thing." - Jean Sammis


A native of Prague, Czech Republic, Marketa Psenickova received a degree in accessory design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating, she began a line of edgy-yet-classic handbags and Marketa New York was born. Utilizing minimalist aesthetic and subtle styling, Marketa creates a collection of handmade leather totes, clutch bags, and personal accessories. The line is sold in select boutiques and is manufactured in her studio in New York City.


Meg Myers makes glass terrariums and objects for the home. All of the glass she uses is repurposed from scavenged single-pane windows. At a young age, Meyers learned the art of stained glass from her father, and from then-on has been a maker of it. She is inspired by the beauty of nature and transformation, and finds fulfillment working with her hands. 
A portion of all Meg Myers purchases are donated to the "Health + Wellness" charities!



Bethany Nelson, the creator behind Milkhaus Design, creates pretty and practical items for wear & home. She believe every item you own should be stylish, no matter what it is. All Milkhaus Design screen printed products are printed with Bethany's original designs that are inspired by the everyday details she notices as she goes about her day. She custom mixes all dyes based on feeling rather than formula and is (almost) always pleasantly surprised at the results.  A portion of all Milkhaus Design styles benefit the "Health + Wellness" charities. Bethany believes that small changes in how a person manages their health can lead to a greater quality of life. She also knows that certain things we may take for granted are not available to everyone. Whether it's clean drinking water, a grocery store selling fresh fruits and vegetables, or affordable health care, Bethany believes everyone should have access to these basic needs so they can live a happier, healthier life!

The jewelry collection Mineralogy began after owner Theresa Cowan heard an inspiring earth science lecture on minerals. It only seemed fitting that the name was the definition — the study of minerals — since the design process is centered around that study. Made in Chicago, Illinois.
Taking care of animals has always been a part of my life from the family pets I had, to the horses I ride, to the little bunnies that I rescued as a child. Animals teach us so much about love and compassion and we need to always return the love and care.


Jessica Angel has always crafted and created things with her hands, but up until now, she has typically created just for herself. Jessica is so excited to finally share her creations and hopes they are well-received. Made in Seattle, Washington.
There are so many women out there with big and wonderful ideas and with a little help we can all see their greatness. A portion of all Oh So Antsy sales will benefit "Women's Causes".



Odd Daughter Paper Co.ODD DAUGHTER PAPER CO.
Odd Daughter Paper Co. is a stationery shop dreamed up by Katie Hart. It brings to life her mom's middle-school nickname "Odd Daughter" -- a clever play on her last name Evenson. This small stationery company aims to return to the good ol' days when mail correspondence was the norm. It celebrates hand lettering + illustration, stamps, kraft paper, and washi tape-- the little details that make receiving snail mail extra special.
There are so, so many needs and important causes in this world. Although it can be difficult to decide how or where to help, Katie believes that empowering women can make a significant difference -- on communities, families, etc. Empowering women has the ability to make a large, long-lasting impact.

Stephanie Adams creates handmade pottery embracing the "wabi sabi" aesthetic. Each piece of her ceramic art is unique and one-of-a-kind, hand-thrown on a wheel and hand-decorated. Stephanie believes the beauty in art is seeing the maker's mark. A portion of all proceeds support the "Caring for Animals" causes. She lives in Nevada City, California with her dog Pickle.



Pine and BoonPINE + BOON
Jess Marie Griffith runs a small studio in Seattle where she sews, paints, sculpts, and collaborates. In 2013 she launched Pine & Boon, offering her handmade bag and textile designs. Her work is informed by raw intuition, utilitarian construction, and artful details. Her products are made with durability and time in mind. She uses the strongest upholstery, belt leathers, and hardware. Each design is carefully constructed to fit the women's body and lifestyle. The bags are industrial in strength, yet light weight.
Pine + Boon purchases support the "Health + Wellness" causes, providing aid to those in need both locally and across the globe. 


Porcelain and StonePORCELAIN + STONE
The founding designer and maker, Kimberly, grew up in Vermont. Once a year, her family would trek to the coast of Maine to see the ocean, smell the salty sea air, and play in the sand. It is no coincidence she ended up in the Boston area, with a warehouse studio within biking distance, right in her Cambridge neighborhood.  Each piece of Porcelain + Stone jewelry is hand-formed and unique, including the hidden portions of the piece that reveal how the sculptures are made. 
Benefiting women for her social cause, Kimberly holds great admiration for women with greater life experiences than her own. Recognizing the need for social change in a culturally systemic and sustainable way is persistent in her heart. In her spare time, Kimberly also volunteers for NYC non-profit, Reveal; which provides aid to women recovering from domestic violence and sex trafficking, helping them to feel strong and beautiful once again.

Heidi Schweigert started Redcruiser over three years ago after she left her full-time design job to have more flexibility for family and hobbies —gardening, cooking, painting, drawing... Redcruiser is a combination of all those things.
Heidi has been making things for as long as she can remember. She loves spending time in her sketchbook dreaming up ideas. She's also an extreme multi-tasker and Redcruiser gives her the flexibility to think of new ideas while making dinner, and sketch up illustrations while drawing with her little girls.



Red Cap Cards was founded in Beverly Hills California by Hal Mertz and illustrator Carrie Gifford. Red Cap is committed to promoting the work of illustrators, artists and designers from around the world. The artists behind Red Cap are storytellers who have created a unique collection of cards that are original and one of a kind. Not only do we make cards, we make art!



Rouge and WhimsyROUGE + WHIMSY
Growing up, Rouge & Whimsy designer Erika Riggs' mother sewed nearly all her clothes and in turn taught her how to sew. It wasn't until after college that Erika began sewing tote bags. Her pieces are designed to be classic, but not stuffy, with a fresh and modern vibe. A born-and-raised Pacific Northwest girl, Erika gets giddy over Seattle sunshine, good coffee, and browsing thrift stores.
Erika has a special place in her heart for children focused outreach; "I really believe in the dreams, hopes and future held by children. When we support and encourage children, we're supporting our world's future". 


Sapling Press is a letterpress design and print shop owned & operated by Lisa Krowinski in the heart of Pittsburgh. Started in 2003 while working as a graphic designer, Lisa turned her love of typography, ink, paper and printing into her full time gig in 2005. Her collection of cards—including the popular Dear Blank series—focuses on wit & humor with a minimalist design approach.



Sapling PressSEAECHO
Sarah Vale Rapp of Seaecho has always loved collecting things. As a hunter of precious things, it became increasingly important for her to keep her treasures in something equally special. Thus came Seaecho. Born out of the need to hold objects all in one place and wanting to nestle everything together, under your arm for a night out, or an unexpected trip to the beach. Each bag whether it be wool, leather, or other found fabrics are made to work together or can stand alone with a clean modern design. Designed with a utilitarian compass and eye catching fabrics, each Seaecho bag is constructed to stand the test of time. Seaecho is a vessel that carries the energy of every new day into loving objects you cant help but feel connected to; made with love in Portland, Oregon.

Shadow House is a curated collection of jewelry hand picked for the customer who wants to look amazing beyond the excuse of a special occasion. With everything from rings to bangles, each piece has been thoughtfully chosen to win your heart with its wearability and minimalist appeal.  


Stefanie Sheehan is a recent graduate of Pratt Institute in New York. She began her creative journey as a painter, but after attending a metal-smithing class, she found what she truly loved to do. Stefanie’s handmade work is edgy, unique, and wearable for all types of women, and even men. She wants her jewelry to be timeless -- perfect for any occasion, or no occasion at all.
Stefanie had always grown up with animals in her life and wishing she could take home any animal that needed a caretaker.  She believes that every animal has their own unique personality like a human, and that they deserve to be treated with love and respect.


Emily fell in love with objects at a young age. She fondly remembers walking into her sister’s room and saying, “Is there anything you don’t want? Like, anything." Nothing makes Emily happier than making something with her hands. She is most excited when she has a lump of clay sitting in front of her, knowing it will become this physical, tangible thing. She makes up her own stories of how the object is going to be used once it is sent off into the world. Her hope to make objects with an heirloom quality, something that holds meaning for its owner.  "As long as I can spend a part of each day creating, I will be happy."  Emily is passionate about assisting women who have been victimized by violence. She spent time in college working as a student advocate at the Kansas State University Women's Center, and has been trained to educate others and promote a culture where we act with care, kindness and wisdom.


Chelsey of The Paper Mama is based in Portland, Oregon and is a fried chicken lover, craft addict, thrifting fool, illustrator, and blogger. When Chelsea isn't being a mama to her daughter, she creates prints, pins, stuffies, and tons of other goodies.





Allison Brennan & Jessica Tree are the design duo behind The Social Type. They take joy brightening someone’s day with the perfect card, a beautifully wrapped gift and a glass of bubbly. They love bold color and don’t shy away from a flirty detail. Functional, chic and cheerful are hallmarks of The Social Type. Allison and Jessica hope to inspire you and make life just a bit more radiant with their fine paper goods.



Tiny Armour is a modern jewelry line that combines shape and pattern in unexpected forms. Each piece is a reflection of the designer's visual obsession with texture, geometry, mid century modern design, and all aspects of nature. The designs are hand cut, or carved in wax then cast in sterling silver, 14K gold, brass, and bronze. Tiny Armour is owned and operated by Los Angeles based designer Angi Glenn-Quincy.
Angi Glenn-Quincy's roots as a Colorado native have been a wealth of inspiration for her nature inspired line Tiny Armour. It is important that her pieces are produced locally and use ethically sourced materials to protect the symbiotic relationship she has with the environment.

Vol. 25VOL25
With each piece of art Jessica Rose creates, she hopes it will give at least one person the "warm fuzzies." Jessica is a self-taught artist, constantly inspired by everyday moments.
The story behind the name vol25: In 2008, when Jessica opened the doors to her little shop (via Etsy), she was 25 years old, and vol25 was like opening a new volume in her life, which in turn created several new chapters for her. All products are made in Washington.
When asked which category she would like to support, Jessica said "As a mother of two little girls, my heart goes out to any child who is in need". 

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