Here at Moorea Seal, our motivation is not only to do great as a store, but also to do good for others. We believe that the more someone gains, the more she or he is responsible for doing something positive for the world. This is an essential factor in our business, and we care deeply about bringing good into the world. That’s why our staff and site motto is “DO GOOD, DO GREAT”!

7% of all proceeds from Moorea Seal go towards non-profits. The harder we work, and the more our customers shop, the more we are able to give to charities and non-profits that we truly believe in. We rotate 5 featured non-profits within 5 categories of giving so that we have the opportunity to give to a variety of worthy causes. And above, you will see our current 5 featured non-profits!



Our current Children’s Needs category is Brazil Without Barriers.

Brazil Without Barriers (BWB) is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to breaking down social and educational barriers and improving the lives of children in Brazil. Since 2009, BWB has provided international support and resources to programs for at-risk youth in Salvador, Bahia. Run by local volunteers, BWB offers free classes to over 80 children and provides an opportunity to learn, play, grow and make friends in a safe environment. BWB raises funds to purchase class supplies and materials, support their community events, provide holiday toys for kids, and maintain operational space for classes to ensure their program continues and kids stay on track in life.  Their global teamwork is a catalyst for positive change and helping to build dreams and transform lives of children in Brazil. Our co-owner Reed, Moorea's cousin and dearest friend, has been passionate about giving back to the Brazilian community for many years. Traveling to Brazil every year for many years, his heart is deeply invested in his community of friends in Brazil and he himself has given to BWB for years. We are so excited to get to support this organization, donating proceeds to their cause.

Our current Women’s Cause is Rain City Rock Camp for Girls!

The Rain City Rock Camp's music education programs provide girls with an opportunity to participate in an environment that fosters leadership, encourages social change, and cultivates a supportive community of female peers and mentors. Moorea herself is especially passionate about our Children's Needs category and the Rain City Rock Camp program. It was through the arts, and most specifically music, that she herself found confidence and a belief that she could achieve her dreams despite any traumas, burdens, or blockades in her way. We at Moorea Seal believe in the power of music, empowering young girls in their passions, and encouraging self expression through the arts. We are so happy to get to contribute to an organization that helps girls harness their voices, their creativity, and their self expression through the powerful and fun outlet of music!

Our Protecting the Planet non-profit currently is the Washington Trails Association.

As the nation's largest state-based hiking non-profit organization, Washington Trails Association is the voice for hikers in Washington state. They protect hiking trails and wildlands, take volunteers out to maintain trails, and promote hiking as a healthy, fun way to explore the outdoors. Our entire staff adores the WTA. Not only do they do wonderful things for the nature and wildlife of Washington, but they provide incredible resources for those who are out to explore the beautiful landscape of Washington, the state closest to our hearts and the place where we call home. Looking to take your first steps into nature, hike into the woods and celebrate the rainforests, deserts, and mountains that Washington holds? Check out the WTA's hiking resources. Did you know the quietest place in the US is in Washington? The WTA can guide you there.

Our current Caring for Animals partner is Best Friends Animal Society.

For over 30 years, Best Friends Animal Society has been running the nation's largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals and building effective program all across the country that reduce the number of animals entering shelters. Our entire team here at Moorea Seal is full of huge animal lovers. Some of us are major cat ladies, and others are dog lovers to the core. But no matter what animal we have the most alliance with, what we have in common is our passion for caring for all animals, protecting their inherent rights, and loving them well. We are honored to support the nation's largest no kill sanctuary and grateful to know that with each sale of products associated with our Caring for Animals category, we gave to save one more precious life.

Our current non-profit partner in the Health and Wellness category is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

AFSP believes that suicide prevention starts with everyday heroes like you, and Moorea Seal believes the same. AFSP raises awareness, funds scientific research and provides resources and aid to those affected by suicide. From bringing awareness to suicide prevention in schools to organizing walks and groups for those who have battled suicide, lost family and friends, and support the cause, the AFSP is the USA's largest organization that aids in the fight against suicide. This organization is extremely close to Moorea's heart. Her great grandfather committed suicide, her mother attempted in her twenties, and her younger sisters faced battling down suicide in their earlier years. Depression and anxiety are a major part of Moorea's family history. And in all that she does in her work, and her personal life, she hopes to bring inspiration and encouragement to those battling self doubt and depression. In 2014, Moorea and one of her younger sisters walked in the AFSP Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk, walking 18 miles through the night from sunset to sunrise, through the city of Seattle to raise awareness for suicide prevention. It being one of the most memorable and important nights of her life, she is so honored to get to donate a portion of proceeds from MooreaSeal.com to a cause she passionately believes in.


We care about working hard, taking the hardships of life and using them as motivation to do better and be better. We care about being kind, giving to others through what we do every day and supporting our team well. We want to be successful as a business, of course, but beyond that, we want to do something really good with our work. Our efforts can only go so far if we are just working for the goals of our singular selves. As an important part of our business, we turn our eyes and drive outward to find true motivation in all our efforts which is why giving back to social causes is an essential part of our company!

We believe that shopping is a whole lot more fun and meaningful when you know that with every purchase you make, you are giving back to someone in need or a mission you believe in. Shop by Cause is Moorea Seal’s built-in giving program that transforms the traditional shopping experience into a marketplace for supporting others.

Our Shop By Cause program includes 5 categories of social causes: Caring for Animals, Health and Wellness, Children’s Needs, Women’s Causes, and Protecting Our Planet. Shop by the causes that speak to you or simply browse the site and grab your favorites, knowing that every item gives back to a worthy cause.

These symbols, found on each product page, tell you which non profit that specific item benefits:

  Purchases benefit Health + Wellness charities 
  Purchases help animals in need 
  Purchases help protect our environment 
  Purchases aid and support to women around the globe 
  Purchases benefit organizations dedicated to helping children in need
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