Shop by Cause

We believe that shopping is a whole lot more fun and meaningful when you know that with every purchase you make, you are giving back to someone in need or a mission you believe in. Shop by Cause is Moorea Seal’s built-in giving program that transforms the traditional shopping experience into a marketplace for supporting others.   

Our Shop By Cause program includes 5 categories of social causes: Caring for Animals, Health and Wellness, Children’s Needs, Women’s Causes, and Protecting Our Planet. Shop by the causes that speak to you or simply browse the site and grab your favorites, knowing that every item gives back to a worthy cause.

These symbols, found on each product page, tell you which non profit that specific item benefits:

  Purchases benefit Health + Wellness charities 
  Purchases help animals in need 
  Purchases help protect our environment 
  Purchases aid and support to women around the globe 
  Purchases benefit organizations dedicated to helping children in need


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