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Avya Mobile

Designer: Electric Sun Creatives




We love this piece hung in the corner of a room near some pretty plants to add even more dimension and light to your home.

Dimensions: Measures approximately 13" x 18".

Details: Brass. Not for outdoor use. Brass naturally patinas (or darkens) as time passes, but a natural wax is buffed on for longevity of sheen. Over time, if you prefer the bright finish, fine steel wool will do the trick. If this mobile is for a baby's nursery, know that this piece is it be hung out of reach of little ones.

Sacramento-based metal artist, Sarah Perez creates mobiles and wall hangings made of metal sheet and tubing. She's partial to the warm reflective hue of brass. With training in sculpture and small metals, Perez has taken what she learned and made it her own; manipulating wire, cutting out shapes, filing, sanding and stringing them together until it's pleasing to the eye. She is fascinated with balance & composition and can often be found on the studio floor getting lost in the shifting of pieces until she lands on something of beauty and simplicity. Made in Sacramento, CA.


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