Leia Beila

Boltzzz Necklace


This necklace is inspired by the individuality and style of David Bowie. The designer has crafted it to both inspire and make the wearer feel good. Each stone is unique and each necklace is finished by hand, making every single one a one of a kind piece!

Dimensions: Measures 18" in length. Pendant measures approximately 2" in length.

Details: Druzy pendant. Copper. Stainless steel chain. Due to natural variations in stones, each piece is unique.

Aimee Oberstein started Leia Beila with a background in photography, printmaking, and painting. All handmade and designed by Aimee, Leia Beila brings you the Earth's energy in a way that you can carry it with you. In honor of her mother, she has created a business based on art, beauty, craft, and individuality. Made in Seattle, WA.

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