Garden Markers Set of 3


These herb stakes are made of a beautiful black stoneware and left unglazed so they can be used as a chalkboard - no matter which herbs you are growing, you will always have the right label! Write the name down, wash it away, and reuse the stake the following season. They make the perfect present for the garden lover in your life.

Dimensions: Each stake measures 7" in length.

Details: Matte black stoneware. Gentle handwashing only. Includes 1 white chalk pencil.åÊ

RossLab was founded by Rossella Manzini after finally finding her love of expressing her art through clay. There is a story behind every piece that she makes: it begins with the designer, the designing process and the making, and it ends with the customers and how they choose to use Rossella's creations. Made in San Jose, CA. åÊ


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