Leia Beila

Loop Lynx Necklace


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This faceted stone pendant adds dimension to any look. Wear it over a simple white t-shirt or go bold with a plunging LBD.

White Aventurine is believed to increase optimism, self confidence and facilitate communication, while silver is regarded for bringing calm and balance to the wearer. Knowing that, you may never take this necklace off!

The Black Obsidian stone center piece is believed to shield the wearer from negative energy and act as a protective talisman, while the copper setting is regarded for its many health benefits. + Who couldn't use a little less negativity and a little more health in their life?

Dimensions: Measures 18" in length.

Details: Silver plated copper and white aventurine or silver plated with copper setting and black agate.

Aimee Oberstein started Leia Beila with a background in photography, printmaking, and painting. All handmade and designed by Aimee, Leia Beila brings you the Earth's energy in a way that you can carry it with you.In honor of her mother, she has created a business based on art, beauty, craft, and individuality. Made in Seattle, WA. 

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