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Mood Ring

Designer: Proteales


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This ring is the real deal! Using vintage mood stones salvaged from authentic 1960's jewelry, the designer resets each stone by hand in a delicate sterling silver setting to create these one of a kind statement rings. 

Vintage mood stones shift color less predictably than new stones, creating beautiful patterns and swirls. You'll also notice evidence of the stone's past life in the form of slight wear and tear on the surface of the mood stone, which we think just adds to the charm. Who knows where your mood stone has been in its past adventures! 

Details: Includes an interpretive card to read mood colors. Mood stones do not like water; make sure to remove the ring before showering, swimming, or doing other water activities. 

Designer Samantha Walker inherited the jewelry making bug as well as all the equipment from her parents and is a self-taught metalsmith. Her shop has become a tribute to the loved ones who always supported and loved her. A lot of her pieces are inspired by her memories and experiences with those people. Made in Hagerstown, MD.


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