• Mountainsides Ring (High)
  • Mountainsides Ring (High)
  • Mountainsides Ring (High)

Mountainsides Ring (High)

Designer: Everli


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Like a secret message, this textural ring can only be decoded when you look from a particular angle. So what's the message? It's a reminder for us to enjoy the journey and not just the outcome.

Dimensions: Tallest peak measures 1/8" high.

Details: Hand sculpted and cast in bronze.

Everli is a collection of handcrafted jewelry created by designer Shuang Everett Li. Shuang’s creative process is heavily influenced by nature: From its abundance of unique textures and forms, to its ability to bring calm and a healthy perspective to our daily lives. Her jewelry often highlights raw, organic textures within modern silhouettes, to create an aesthetic that feels intimate and refined. Made in New York, NY.


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