Tree Fairfax

New Moon Backpack


The New Moon Backpack is just the right size for carrying the day's necessities while still staying minimal and fashion-forward. Psst! It even has a baby half moon pocket on the inside for stashing small items.

Dimensions: Measures 12" across. Straps measure 35" in length.

Details: Leather. Brass hardware. Due to the natural variations in the leather used and in the interest of reducing waste, each piece is one of a kind and may have its own unique markings.

Tree Fairfax at its core, is minimal leather goods that are long lasting with timeless designs that will hopefully change how you move about the world. Each bag is created so that you can move around lightly; carrying only what you need in your beautiful, handcrafted leather bag. Tree Fairfax uses leather hides with natural imperfections and incorporates them into each bag, giving you a one of a kind piece while also cutting back on waste. Made in Roanoke, VA.

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