• The Future is Female Pin
  • The Future is Female Pin
  • The Future is Female Pin

The Future is Female Pin

Designer: Otherwild

Sold Out - $12.00



Otherwild recreated this "the future is female" pin, originally made by Liza Cowan/White Mare Buttons in 1974, the slogan for NYC's first woman's bookstore Labyris Books.

This slogan has lasted through the decades and is reemerging as an empowering statement for all, as female-identified bodies and rights remain under attack. Inflexible and compulsory sexual and gender binaries are used to oppress and deny people their humanity and agency. Otherwild believes in an inclusive, expanded and fluid notion of gender expression, identities and feminisms. They support liberation, embrace our trans sisters, and call for the end of patriarchal ideology, domination, oppression and violence.

Dimensions: Measures 1" across.

Details: Rubber backing.

Otherwild is a studio, a store, a community center, a workshop and an event space. Otherwild was founded within, and inspired by a vast, multi-disciplinary community of talented artists and designers. Made in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA.


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