• Wall Sconce Trio A
  • Wall Sconce Trio A
  • Wall Sconce Trio A

Wall Sconce Trio A

Designer: Hemleva




These gorgeous Himmeli by Hemleva are an elegant year-round addition to any home or office. These three coordinating sconces make great wall decor and can also be embraced as an air plant holder.

Originating from the Swedish word for sky or heaven, himmel, the Himmeli are a traditional Finnish ornament, a mobile decoration that is traditionally made out of straw, or rather reeds in Finland. They are typically extremely ornate and are traditionally suspended above the dinner table during the holiday season. It is thought that the larger the Himmeli, the larger the rye crop will be in the coming year.

Dimensions: Assorted sizes measure approximately 8" x 4.5" .

Details: Set of 3. Brass, wire. Includes brass plated nails.

After deciding that the future is what you make it, Samantha Leung started Hemleva in her one bedroom apartment. She has an extensive background in various arts and fields of study and is passionate about being a maker. Her pieces are modern versions of traditional homewares and each one is made from materials sourced in the USA. Made in Seattle, WA.


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